Re: table cell with in a table cell

At 22:50 2002 10 02 -0400, tom dunne wrote:
>Hey guys....
>Im trying to do some work with tables in my XSL FO document.  I have a requirement to have a column in a table that can hold up to 4 different data results.  So i thought i could have children table cells with in my parent table cell but when i render this in PDF it doesnt happen.
>Heres the snippet of code im using :
>         <fo:table-cell padding="6pt" border="0.5pt solid black">
>                <fo:block background-color="grey"> N </fo:block>
>         </fo:table-cell>
>         <fo:table-cell padding="6pt" border="0.5pt">
>               <fo:block background-color="white"> A </fo:block>
>         </fo:table-cell>
>so im wondering is there a better way to do this.  Im new to xsl fo, so any help would be appreciated.

You can't just put table-cell within table-cell, but
the XSL table model supports nested tables which should
give you want you want.  (Though whether you get the
desired PDF or not depends on the given implementation.)


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