RE: spec change procedure

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>Paul wrote:
>> The XSL WG has added another property to correct this issue. 
>> Erratum, Section 7.16:
>> Add:
> ... snip
>What's the procedure please.
>Will such errata be collated and posted to the w3c website,
>or kept under wraps until the next WD?

Quoting from the top of the same message:

>We are in the process of
>publishing the Errata document and expect it to go public in 
>2-3 weeks (sorry, it takes that long to do such things; for 
>those with W3C member access, a draft Errata document is at
> ).

By the way, I posted my response with the wrong subject (sigh,
rushing to get it out before chairing another telcon).

It should have been:

 Regarding your comment about space handling on xsl-editors

Hopefully, this won't be too problematic for those trolling
the archives.  


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