Re: The need for url() syntax for <uri-specification>

>>>>> "Ken" == G Ken Holman <> writes:

Ken> Looking at I see: <fo:external-graphic
Ken> src="TH0317A.jpg"/>
Ken> This result comes from: <fo:external-graphic src="{@image}"/>
Ken> Should this not be: <fo:external-graphic src='url("{@image}")'/>

Hi Ken,

Yes, it is an error in the spec, and it will be included in the errata

Ken> I've noted XSLFO manufacturers to not appear to require the
Ken> "url()" syntax.

Then they are wrong. Apart from the example above, the spec is clear
about the syntax of the <uri-reference> type. Note that it is also 
consistent with CSS2 and SVG.



Received on Friday, 22 March 2002 04:40:08 UTC