Small suggestion to provide SOAP binding from within XSLT...

I am using XSLT extensively for HTML/XHTML transformation and displaying
data. However, I obtain data from other URLS.
There are plans for these URLs to become Web Services.
In that case, I will be forced to use language bindings in XSLT.
I am giving this suggestion as other XSLT users will face similar


Multiple XML data can be obtained as node-sets using document() function
from a remote URL.
However as WebServers have now started emitting data as services using
SOAP(<>) it becomes imperative that the client
build the format in some fashion and obtain the response.
A small suggestion to combine <xsl:template> and document() functionality
to make this happen.
<xsl:template name="" transport="" wsdlLocation="">
<xsl:with-param .../>

1. This would allow us to use the remote  WebService function as a template
with that name.
2. An attribute like "transport" to specify the format ( for now it may be
SOAP11, SOAP12 etc...)
3. An attribute like "wsdlLocation" would give us the WSDL for that service.
   Using this WSDL the tranformer can silently build the required format...
4. The return would be the response from that service as node-set.
   As XLST 2.0 is going to be compatible with XML Schema, it could
transparently translate the
   return values based on the WSDL into node-sets with valid schema types.



Received on Friday, 25 January 2002 13:59:14 UTC