Re: Media types and simplified stylesheets

> Right.  XHTML doesn't support (except to ignore) non-XHTML namespaces
> within its documents, so a compound media type is required in all cases.

Hmm. In practice given a document with lots of namespaces I think trying
to think of suitable mime types is a lost cause. text/xml or
application/xml would seem to be the best that can be done here.

If you are really saying that if in a collection of xhtml files some
just happen to have mathml or svg illustratons then I have to configure
the server to send those documents with a different mime type then I
don't think that will ever work in practice. Distributing such documents on
the web should never need server configuration, you should be able to
just get a dialup ISP account and dump some files in a directory. If
they have .xhtml extensions and all get sent as text/xml+html, then so
be it, the browser will have to sort it out when it gets to the
namespaced elements. (Mozilla will do this natively for mathml and SVG,
as will netscape and IE if the main xhtml file references a stylesheet
that traps the mathml namespaced elements and does whatever is necessary
to render those languages on the client).


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