Congrats on the latest WD ::: -20011220/

The latest working draft (
keeps alive 
the original intent XSLT spec. by removing  <xsl:script> tag.

Introduction of this into prior working draft set off different
vendors/implementers trying to 
provide their own language bindings.

Please push for extending this approach to other W3C specs. where <script>
and other tags 
associated with it are creeping into most of them in one form or the other.
The explanation by proponents has always been that it helps user do more in
a single doc.( this
is like the writing a complete application in a single C++ method )
But the reality is that it this approach leads to intensive
interpreter/server side logic computing.


note:- This are my personal opinions and in no way reflect on my company's
approach to XML.

Received on Thursday, 17 January 2002 12:38:14 UTC