Re: Stripping comments and processing instructions

Jim Fuller wrote:
> From: "David Carlisle" <>
> Subject: Re: Stripping comments and processing instructions
>> In XSLT 1 there's some words to the effect that comments in the source
>> might or might not be visible to the stylesheet depending on whether
>> the xml parser passes them on. It might be interesting to know whather
>> or not they have been passed on (also it would be interesting to know
>> whether id attributes have been read)
> are u suggesting access to flags like this via system-property() ?
> i think that this would be very useful.

Good idea. I guess that the processor could offer command-line
parameters (or whatever) that enabled you to ignore comments and processing
instructions if you wanted. With system-property() you'd be able to
tell what had been done.



Jeni Tennison

Received on Tuesday, 15 January 2002 11:58:17 UTC