<oXygen/> XML Editor 1.1.9


<oXygen/> XML Editor 1.1.9 is available for download

New in this version:
    * XML Schema driven code insight is improved to offer attribute values
in case of enumeration and default values and to handle multiple namespaces.
    * The checks for valid and well formed documents and the apply
stylesheet operations run on a different thread so that the GUI remains
    * Acknowledgements of the above operations are replaced with
notifications in status bar to avoid interruptions.
    * Registration form in application - now, you can get your license
submiting informations using a registration form which is loaded if no
license detected.
    * Improved GUI
    * Support for changing the printing scale factor

<oXygen/> XML Editor supports XML, XSL, TXT, XSD and DTD documents.
<oXygen/> is written in Java; it has a high development dynamics and is
availabile on many platforms. It has Unicode support and the interface is
available in English, French, German, Italian and Romanian. <oXygen/> goal
is to make tasks shorter, thus it offers end tag auto-completion and a
powerful code insight that guide the user to write valid XML content. The
code can be driven by a DTD, an XML schema or by the structure of a partial
edited document. Taking manipulation of XML content into consideration XML
and XSL documents can be easily associated one with the other and the
transformation results can be viewed in different formats; more the user can
test XPath expressions. <oXygen/> validates XML, XSL and XSD content,
reporting eventual errors with description and line number information. The
multiple document interface is enhanced with the support for projects. It
has drag and drop support and on Windows it can be associated with file
extensions. The syntax highlight allows a nice view of the XML documents and
the colors can be customized.

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Received on Thursday, 6 June 2002 10:09:50 UTC