Re: XSLT 2.0: Sorting and indeterminate comparisons


> We are trying to get away from indeterminate comparisons. Our
> attempt is to deprecate 'duration' and have users use two totally
> ordered subtypes of duration called 'yearMonthDuration' and
> 'dayTimeDuration'.

Yes, I understand that and I've read that part of the F&O WD. I think
that decision is completely wrong-headed -- absolutely horrendous,
actually -- which is why I'm commenting on it. I thought that was the
point of making working drafts public and inviting people to review

I don't think that it's XQuery/XPath's job to dictate what data types
people use in their schemas, and I think that attempts to do so are
likely end in failure and frustration, mostly for those people who are
unfortunate enough to have to work with it.

I think more effort should be made thinking about what people *do*
want to do or *might* want to do, and less trying to dictate what they
*should* want to do.



Jeni Tennison

Received on Thursday, 9 May 2002 10:24:12 UTC