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At 05:37 23-11-2001, Peter B. West wrote:
>In 5.11 the spec. has:
>     A string of characters conforming to an ISO 3166 country code.
>     A string of characters conforming to the ISO 639 3-letter code.
>In the copies of the references that I have been recovered, ISO 639 is a 
>2-letter code.  ISO 3166, on the other hand, defines both 2- and 3-letter 
>country codes.  Is the spec correct here?

By definition, yes... (-:

ISO 639 defines both 2- and 3-letter language codes; see <URL: >.  I actually hadn't noticed 
that the Recommendation requires the 3-letter form; that's a bit of a 
bummer since XML itself allows the two-letter form, which means that a lot 
of my content has things like xml:lang="en-US" in it, which apparently 
can't just be copied into FO output.

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