Output to external general parsed entity

The first sentence of 16.1 states that the output is a well-formed XML
external general parsed entity (EGPE).

But surely if the xml/text declaration includes standalone="yes" or "no",
then it isn't an EGPE?

Equally, if it includes a document type declaration, then it isn't an EGPE?

That suggests that the first sentence of 16.1 should read "... is either a
well-formed XML external general parsed entity or a well-formed XML document
or both".

It also implies that the requirements for conformance with the namespaces
recommendation should be phrased differently, since as written they don't
work when the output isn't an EGPE.

This would also imply in turn that it is an error to request the output of a
standalone pseudo-attribute or a document type declaration if the children
of the root node include text nodes, or include no element node, or include
more than one element node: presumably an error that the XSLT processor
should report or recover from.

Have I missed something obvious (again)?

Mike Kay

Received on Sunday, 5 December 1999 16:37:27 UTC