We expect handling of columns and Tables to be in the next full draft of
the XSL spec, assuming we can get a number of issues resolved by March.

At 12:04 PM 12/21/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Thanks for replying so promptly.
>I have another question for you. I just went through the XSL spec. I was
>looking for a way to describe formatting of a multi-column table using
>XSL. Although , the spec mentions the column-set formatting object(which
>I assumed is related to a table), it does not give any details. Can you
>enlighten me some more on the subject.
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>No, I can't provide you with any information on that topic.
>>I am a developer looking for some information on tools that support
>>conversion of XML files to a PDF file using XSL formatting
>>Do you have some information on that?
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