XSL Feature Requests

I have two requests for features in XSL.  These features are  
requirements for a project that uses XSL to generate  
3D VRML content.  Please see  
for details.  
1.  The ability to specify the mime type of the target document.  
2.  The ability to include another document as the content of  
a template.  This is particularly useful for my application  
because the VRML PROTO definitions can then be separated  
into a different file.  An example of the syntax I would like  
to be able to use:  
<xsl:template match="/">  
  <xsl:include href="protodefs.wrl"/>  
Thank you.  

Daniel Lipkin 
Principal Technical Staff, Oracle Worlds 
Internet Products Division 
Oracle Corporation 
(650) 506-3603 

Received on Monday, 5 October 1998 08:06:40 UTC