Re: [XProc 3.0] Term "map attributes"

Am 2/8/2023 um 8:13 AM schrieb Hans-Juergen Rennau:
> Referring to the edition from: 2022-09-12
> Section 7.1
> Quote:
> "Value templates in the attributes or descendants of p:input and
> p:output and /map attributes/ on those descendants."
> I do not understand the term "map attributes" - is it a term the
> reader is supposed to be familiar with?

I would think this refers to attributes like those p:document has e.g.
in you find

   href = { anyURI }
   content-type? = string
   document-properties? = map(xs:QName,item()*)
   parameters? = map(xs:QName,item()*) />

Erik's book has some section on how to set these as XPath maps with some
"magical" mapping between string property names and QNames.

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