Re: nSymbol Tag XProc no-code editor released

Am 9/29/2022 um 10:12 AM schrieb Martin Honnen:
> Am 9/28/2022 um 4:47 AM schrieb Rob Brown:
>> I am pleased to announce general availability of the nSymbolTag XProc
>> pipeline editor and engine
>> <>. Tag is able to
>> edit and run pipelines as defined by the recently published version
>> 1.0 of XProc. It is a desktop application that runs on Windows and
>> Mac computers.
> Rob, can you clarify whether that tool support the recently published
> version 3.0 of XProc or the years old version 1.0 of XProc?

So it seems indeed to have an internal processor supporting XProc 3 as
well as to be integrating MorganaXProc-IIIse 1.0.

Very interesting.

Now I only have to learn to switch from thinking about XProc 3 in XML
source form to diagrams.

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