[ANN] Markup UK conference approaching (May 21 - 22)

Markup UK conference is now less than a week away. (May 21 - 22) 

Starting Friday, there will be two days of exciting presentations on
various topics including XSLT and Schematron. 

There will also be an extensive XForms tutorial, spanning both Friday
and Saturday mornings. 

The full schedule can be found here: https://markupuk.org/schedule.html.

We'd love to see you there. Register at
The registration fee is very democratic and there is a substantial
discount for students. 

The conference will be virtual and will be using whova (whova.com) as a
conference platform
Details will be sent after registration. 

Hope to see you there on Friday!

Received on Sunday, 16 May 2021 11:04:21 UTC