Re: result documents in an XSLT step?

On 01.11.2020 16:13, David Birnbaum wrote:
> <p:variable name="current-paradigm" as="xs:string" select="."/>
>     <p:filter name="filtering" select="descendant::item[paradigm eq
> $current-paradigm]">
>       <p:with-input port="source">
>         <p:pipe step="normalize" port="result"/>
>       </p:with-input>
>     </p:filter>

I think you want

   <p:wrap-sequence wrapper="root"><p:with-input port="source"
select="descendant::item[paradigm = $current-paradigm ]"

instead of the above p:filter (Use whatever wrapper your XSLT expects
for the selected "item" elements.)

Received on Sunday, 1 November 2020 15:57:16 UTC