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As you can see in the error message :

  * Error is raised by XProc engine, i.e. Calabash.
  * Calabash received "C:\Users\Ali\ExcelToXML\${ask('message',url)}" as
    input document URL, which is not a valid URL, and probably isn't a
    valid file on your file system.

Try to run Calabash directly from command line, using Calabash help :

java com.xmlcalabash.drivers.Main xpl/your-pipeline.xpl -i 


Le 11/05/2020 à 17:37, Ahmed Abdulhadi a écrit :
> Hello,
> I'm fairly new to XProc, and I am attempting to run a XProc where I 
> run multiple stylesheet passes. As seen below:
>     <p:declare-step xmlns:p=""
>     xmlns:c="" version="1.0"><p:input
>     port="source"/><p:input port="parameters"
>     kind="parameter"/><p:output port="result"/><p:xslt
>     name="firstPass"><p:input port="stylesheet"><p:document
>     href="FirstPass.xsl"/></p:input></p:xslt><p:xslt><p:input
>     port="stylesheet"><p:document
>     href="SecondPass.xsl"/></p:input></p:xslt><p:xslt><p:input
>     port="stylesheet"><p:document
>     href="ThirdPass.xsl"/></p:input></p:xslt></p:declare-step> 
> I'm running this through an Oxygen XML Editor Scenario that using the 
> Calabash engine. I'm attempting to use an environmental variable in 
> Oxygen for the source input. I want the user to specify the XML 
> document saved on a file disk, and load that as the source:
> image.png
> However, I receive the following error below:
>     err:XD0011 : XProc error err:XD0011 It isa dynamic error ifthe
>     resource referenced bya p:documentelement does notexist, cannot be
>     accessed, orisnota well-formed XML document.
>     C:\Users\Ali\ExceltoXML\${ask('message', url)} (The system cannot
>     find the file specified) 
> I posted this specific question on the Oxygen forum site. I was 
> informed that I can't use the ask variable in the input source but I 
> could use it in the parameters.
> How do I pass the source as a dynamic variable or the source as a 
> parameter?
> Thanks,
> Ahmed

Received on Tuesday, 19 May 2020 17:25:09 UTC