User question


I would like to thank everyone who attended the XProc workshop, also for
coping with those remarks and questions that I made out of my inexperience
and/or ignorance of XProc's history.

Is this the right place to ask user questions?  I have this one:

In our BPMN model checking code, written in Schematron, I would like to use
a library of common XSLT functions from the Schematron validation document,
using <xsl:include>.  This works in Oxygen, but it seems that if Schematron
(or XSLT, for that matter) is used from XProc, no access to the file system
is possible, so the <xsl:include> does not actually include my function
library, and the XSLT evaluation fails (This is with MorganaXProc + Saxon

So my question is: Are the p:validate-with-schematron and p:xslt steps
supposed to not be able to access the file system at all, or is that
behavior specific to MorganaXProc?


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