Re: Status update at XML Prague

“This is fine.”

No really, it is.

While I’m at it: We can still use some more people who’d like to 
demonstrate their XProc applications during the XML Prague XProc 
Showroom at the preconf day:

Please send your proposals to Achim ( or 
me. You can also ask Achim or Norm for editing permissions on the 


On 20.01.2017 19:53, Norman Walsh wrote:
> Jirka has asked me to give a short (~20-30 min) talk at XML Prague on
> the state of XProc. I propose the following title and abstract.
> Comments and suggestions most welcome.
> “The State of XProc”
>   Although the working group has been closed by the W3C, the use cases
>   for XProc remain as prevalent as ever. A community effort to revise
>   the XProc specification and extend the scope of XProc exists and will
>   have just finished a two day workshop when XML Prague begins. We’ll
>   give a brief status report and outline short- and long-term plans.
>                                         Be seeing you,
>                                           norm

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