XProc showroom at XML Prague 2017: Call for participation

Do you think XProc is cool? Do you have plans to attend XML Prague 2017? Help us spread the gospel by participating in the XProc showroom at XML Prague’s unconference day.

At the XProc showroom we want to motivate people to consider the use of XProc in their projects despite the often mentioned problematic learning curve. Help us show them some “Cool things done with XProc” in order to prove that the effort to learn XProc is worth it!

As we want to demonstrate the use of XProc in all possible areas, we need your help: Agree to give a short talk (~15 min) about the use you make of XProc in one of your projects. We want to document the “state of the art.” Therefore you don’t need to submit original contributions; you can show things that you already demonstrated elsewhere. If there is an additional link to a source code repo or to existing presentation slides, all the better.

There is a wiki page at github set up for the event: https://github.com/xproc/showroom/wiki/xmlprague2017

If you aren’t able to edit it yet, you can send me your GitHub user name and I’ll add you to the repository contributors.
Alternatively, you can send a short mail with the title of your talk and one or two sentences of explanation, plus optionally links to other resources, to Gerrit and/or me.

Hope to hear from you soon and looking forward to your talk at the XProc showroom!

Gerrit and Achim
Achim Berndzen


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