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Hi Achim, et al.,

Well thank you, sorry to be so far behind on things, only reading the email
titles for a while.

I presume everyone is aware of Orbeon which has a J2EE server that connects
to SQL sources and uses their XPL spec that XProc superceeded. So, the
concept is proven, if in another context, for some time commercially.

The other piece of the puzzle is DFDL, as you likely are aware, the schema
based binary file de-serializer.

Put it all together and there's nothing that could not be done by markup.
The problem, I suppose is the apparent widespread dislike of it .

Well, thanks again for all your efforts.


On Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 12:53 AM Achim Berndzen <> wrote:

Hi Hank,
welcome to this list.

there are some solutions using REST with XProc I know of. As Christoph
said, I showed one of them at XML Prague. It is based on a implementation
of and
The original implementation of the WebApp specification using XMLCalabash
is by Florent Georges is .

XMLCalabash itself has of course Piperrack, which is a web server for
running XProc pipelines. Also based on XMLCalabash is Conal Tuohy project
XProc-Z (

Looking forward to hear how your project develops.

Greetings from Germany,

Achim Berndzen

> Am 27.03.2017 um 17:55 schrieb Hank Ratzesberger <>:
> Hi,
> I'm writing to this list for the first time, and breaking the first rule,
since I have not looked at the archives to see if this topic has come up
previously, but if you will indulge me...
> Last year I attempted to run JBoss Data Virtualization, which provides a
way to make SOAP and REST messages, JNDI and Hibernate sources, all kinds
of data sources look like sql database tables. Well to me it seemed a
perfect solution for 20 years ago.
> If xproc were sitting in a servlet container with some way to configure
endpoints and processing scripts it could create the kinds of documents
applications use (which is mostly json but svg pdf html csv also)  indeed
if you have seen some of these Hibernate queries it's obvious there's some
backflips to create the right json for some front end UI.
> Another use case is BPMN as a front controller to manage the logic state.
> Well that's my salvo. Thank you
> Hank.ratzesberger

Hank R
Werx Productions

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