Re: XProc to access XML data from FTP (with authentication)

"Fox, David" <> writes:
> As you point out, FTP support with authentication is probably not
> included in the Apache HTTP client libraries. I suppose you could
> employ Apache's FTP client, as well, but I'm not sure if that would
> require a new XProc element (e.g. ftp-get). My current XProc simply
> drops the FTP URI (with embedded authentication) into the p:document
> element:

The p:http-request statement is heavily overloaded. I'm pretty sure I
could "do the right thing" with ftp:// URIs and still be conformant.

> <p:document href=""/>
> This might not be the best approach, but it worked in Oxygen so I
> assumed all would be well.

Right. Please open a new bug with something along the lines of
"Please support FTP URIs" with some kind of reminder that Apache
Commons Net includes an FTP client and I'll see what I can do.

No promises on the time frame, but I'm perfectly happy to put it on
the list.

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