XML Calabash 1.1.2 released

Hi folks,

The 1.1.2 release introduces a couple of new features: support for
text results from p:xslt and p:xquery steps, support for XML catalog
files in jar files, and adds some implementation features. It also
fixes a few bugs.

* Fixed issue #211 by adding an allow-text-results extension and turning
  text output into encoded XML that's decoded by p:store.

* Fixed issue #210 by adding code to search JAR files for catalog.xml
  files and using them. Requires XML Resolver version 0.12.2 or later.

* Fixed issue #208 by refactoring the initialization code; fixed issue
  #209 by moving the property changes to apply only to processors
  constructed by XML Calabash.

* Fixed issue #187 by making sure a method name without a colon is
  always in no namespace

* Fixed issue #201 by using the file.encoding system property or UTF-8
  by default.

* Added accessors to XProcURIResolver to obtain the underlying

* Did some cleanup with respect to outputs; removed some dead code,
  don't output the divider if there's only one document.

* Added static step initialization. If a step implementation class has
  a static configureStep method, it will be called once during XML
  Calabash startup.

You can get it from the releases page at github,


or through Maven.


                                        Be seeing you,

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Received on Saturday, 23 May 2015 14:38:44 UTC