Re: Calabash: No 'class' in configuration

Florent Georges <> writes:
>   Actually I found what looks like a bug.  When one instantiate a new
> XProcConfiguration using an existing Saxon processor object, init()
> does not get called, so neither findStepClasses() and
> findExtensionFunctions().  So the step implementation classes cannot
> be configured.

Right, that's certainly a bug.

>   I guess XProcConfiguration(Processor) should call init(), maybe
> adapting it a bit to take an already existing processor into account.
>   By the way, that constructor already calls loadConfiguration(),
> which in turn changes configuration settings in order to parse the
> config files, not sure this is really intended (to change the
> externally provided processor config for internal parsing purposes).
>   Norm, do you want me to open a ticket on GitHub?

Yes, please. There's a chicken and egg problem in parsing
configurations. I need a parser to do it, but some configuration
changes require getting a different parser configuration. But I don't
think it should be changing the parser you passed in.

And sorry for the false lead earlier, should have read the whole
thread first, but was in a hurry and trying to be helpful.

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Received on Thursday, 14 May 2015 22:38:58 UTC