Re: Calabash: No 'class' in configuration

Florent Georges <> writes:
>   I am adapting some code to Calabash 1.1.1.  I use
> XProcRuntime.load() to compile a pipeline into an XPipeline object, on
> which I call run().  As I was doing with 1.0.0.  But then, it throws
> an XProcException wih the following message:
>     Misconfigured. No 'class' in configuration for p:identity
>   Any idea what that could be?

I'm using annotations on the class to find the steps they implement.
You probably need these jars on your classpath.

    [group: 'org.atteo.classindex', name: 'classindex', version: '3.3'],
    [group: 'com.nwalsh', name: 'nwalsh-annotations', version: '1.0.0'],

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Received on Thursday, 14 May 2015 17:57:20 UTC