Re: Changing the XProcStep interface?

  Hi Norm,

  Not sure you adopted this already or not, but just a few notes...
You refer to adding a static method to an interface.

1) This is new in Java 8 (not a problem per se, but might be a problem
for some users).

2) As far as I know, you need to give an implementation of such a
function (what would it mean for a static virtual method?), which does
not seem to be the case below.

3) As far as II know, it does not change the "interface" of the
interface (well, it adds a "class function", but does not requires
concrete classes implementing the interface to provide anything else
than they already do).

  Hope that helps.  Regards,

Florent Georges

On 20 April 2015 at 03:46, Norman Walsh wrote:
> Hello world,
> The XProcStep interface, com.xmlcalabash.core.XProcStep is:
> public interface XProcStep extends XProcRunnable {
>     public void setInput(String port, ReadablePipe pipe);
>     public void setOutput(String port, WritablePipe pipe);
>     public void setParameter(QName name, RuntimeValue value);
>     public void setParameter(String port, QName name, RuntimeValue value);
>     public void setOption(QName name, RuntimeValue value);
> }
> XProcRunnable is just reset() and run().
> I'm thinking of adding a static configureStep method:
>     public static void configureStep(XProcRuntime runtime);
> This would be called during configuration, before any pipelines have
> been parsed. I'm currently using it (through reflection, without
> changing the interface) to tinker with the URIResolver so that I can
> resolve step declarations without hitting the network.
> For example, in the next release of the cx:asciidoctor step, you'll
> be able to use
>   <p:import href=""/>
> And that will get the declaration for the cx:asciidoctor step, but it
> will never have to go to the network to get it.
> On the one hand, changing interfaces in Java is a real problem.
> Anything that uses that interface will have to be *recompiled*.
> There's a reason that the Java platform never allows java.* and
> javax.* packages to change an interface after it's published!
> And reflection works.
> On the other hand, reflection is a subversive and undocumented way to
> change an interface! I'd rather change it, but I don't have to, at
> least not in XMLCalabash1. I'm sure I'll do something different in
> XMLCalabash2.
> I think I've just about convinced myself not to change it, but since
> I've typed all this up, I guess I'll send it :-)
> Thoughts?
>                                         Be seeing you,
>                                           norm
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