RE: Java 1.7?

Branch a 1.6 JVM version for critical bugs only and move on.

There will always be people needing older compatibility  (1.4,1.5,1.6 etc) ... IMHO those people are not updating the 
other major components of their apps either. Important to be considerate to, but not critical as *your* roadblock,
( unless your selling paid support - and they are paying Oracle for 1.6 support, see below).

End Of Life

1.6, Feb 2013
1.7  April *THIS YEAR*

Last point: Mac.
MacOs has 1.7 now and has had for quite some time.

David A. Lee

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Hello world,

As I recall, last time I experimented with Java 1.7, there was pushback. There are already dependant libraries that are compiled with Java 1.7 but they seem to work ok with 1.6. However, recently I've been playing with using annotations and I have another dependency that doesn't work.

So I'm tempted to move to 1.7 again...

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