Re: Simple way to produce a message?

For Calabash:
<p:import href=""/>

And then (example):

  <p:with-option name="message" select="'NNNNNNNNNNN ', /*/name()"/>

Sometimes it will be necessary to connect the source port of cx:message
explicitly, as in

  <p:input port="source">
    <p:pipe port="result" step="other"/>
<p:with-option name="message" select="'GGGGGGGGGGGG ', string-join(for
$n in /c:response/c:body/* return (name($n), for $a in $n/@* return
concat(name($a), '=', $a)), ' ')"/>

and also add p:sink in between as necessary.

Sometimes you have to make sure that a message is emitted before another
step runs. If that other step does not consume what’s on the messages
result port, the processor might execute the other step before executing
cx:message. In these cases, add a @name to that cx:message and make the
other step depend on the message:

<cx:message name="msg1">


<my:other-step cx:depends-on="msg1">

On 19.08.2015 17:08, wrote:
> I'm trying to debug my XPROC script. I'm looking for a way to produce a
> simple message that might have a variable result and such to follow the
> flow through my script. I'm not finding anything. The closes I came was
> error, but that stops the flow of the script.
> Any tricks or suggestions?
> ..dan

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