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Re: Newbie question

From: Dan Vint <dvint@dvint.com>
Date: Sun, 09 Aug 2015 10:35:11 -0700
To: xproc-dev@w3.org
Message-ID: <E1ZOUVS-0007qO-Bs@lisa.w3.org>

The error I get in oXygen is:

err:XS0039 : A p:serialization specifies a non-existant port. It is a 
static error if the port specified on the p:serialization is not the 
name of an output port on the pipeline in which it appears or if more 
than one p:serialization element is applied to the same port.

Here is the code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<p:declare-step xmlns:p="http://www.w3.org/ns/xproc"
     name="Preprocess-translations"  version="1.0"

         This XPROC script runs all the steps required to take an 
Ixiasoft Localization kit
         and modify the source files and organize them into a 
directory structure and zip
         that content to be sent on for localization.


     <p:input port="source">
     <p:output port="result ">
             <!-- Write the result to "store-flat" -->
<!--        <p:pipe port="result" step="store-flat"></p:pipe>
-->    </p:output>

         <!-- Process the DITAMAP file source to travel all the 
included maps and topics
             with stylesheet to flatten the structure and gather 
information for later processing. -->
     <p:xslt name="flatten-map">
         <p:input port="source"/>
         <p:input port="stylesheet">
         <p:input port="parameters" sequence="true">


  <!--   <p:store 
name="store-flat" /> -->


Ultimately I want to write the output to a specific file. I took out 
the store information as I thought it might be contributing to the problem

At 04:46 PM 8/7/2015, Imsieke, Gerrit, le-tex wrote:
>I think it would help us help you if we saw the actual pipeline.
>On 08.08.2015 01:42, Dan Vint wrote:
> > Thanks for the pointer. So I tried to make se of this based upon some
> > examples I found and I'm getting a message about the port not being
> > bound. I'm using the result port, but nothing seems to be making this
> > work. I need to do more digging, thanks.
> >
> > .dan

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