Newbie question

Hi, I've known about XPROC for sometime now, but this has been my first
opportunity/need to actually make use of it. Currently I have a workflow
that is comprised of several steps and XSLT stylesheets. I wanted to get
this under a little control a little better managed. I had two surprises
in trying to get the first two stages of my workflow automated.

My first step uses a stylesheet (already working) that walks a series of
linked DITA map files and outputs an XML file that is the flattened
structure with some additional information gathered along the way. Results
of running this stylesheet is an XML file that has the XML declaration and
has been indented so it is human readable. When I look at the results from
the XPROC run I have neither of these things. Is there some way to make
this work like it does standalone? This now forces an extra probably
manual step to just pretty print the result file when completed.

>From the output of the above stylesheet I run another stylesheet against
the output. This generates a text file (actually a batch file I want to
execute later). Other than executing this file, all I want to do is save
it, there will be no further processing. Surprise 2 is that it looks like
XPROC doesn't want to deal with text outputs. I wrapped a dummy element
around the output and things worked, but now I can't use the result
directly. Is there some way to just write out a text file?

I'm using oXygen 17 to develop and run my pipeline and using the include
Calibash processor in case there are some features I can leverage from



Received on Friday, 7 August 2015 15:37:21 UTC