Re: How many repos?

Romain Deltour <> writes:
> +1 om splitting step libraries in separate repos. As far as I'm
> concerned it won't negatively impact our integration (on the
> contrary), as long as dependencies are properly declared, and jars
> available on Maven and/or easy to build from sources (but with the
> Gradle magic you recently applied I suppose it will be easy-peasy? :)

All the additional modules are built, packaged, and promoted to
maven already :-)

> BTW, have you considered adopting semantic versioning for Calabash ?

Yes, I think I'm going to take further steps in that direction.
It's slightly complicated by the fact that some of the API changes
are forced upon me by Saxon (e.g., namespace stuff in 9.5 vs 9.6).

And also by the fact that I'm sort of hoping 2.0 will be for XProc
2.0, but maybe I should give up on that :-)

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Received on Wednesday, 8 April 2015 15:52:11 UTC