Re: No-XML inputs

Wendell Piez <> writes:
> So somewhere between xmlcalabash-1.0.3-94 and 1.0.18-95, my XProcs
> stopped working. I now get an error about a p:document failing to
> load. From the command line, the system even hangs. On breaking it I
> can see in the tb:

Can you create a test case that demonstrates the problem and create
an issue, please?

> Admittedly these are very rude creatures, these XProcs. They call in
> non-XML input by accepting a runtime option (a string) they can hand
> to Saxon, which is then invited to use unparsed-text() to read them.
> The XProc itself never sees anything but XML - the front end of its
> input stream is given as a literal in the XProc:
> <p:input port="source">
>   <p:inline><document><!-- dummy document</document</p:inline>
> </p:input>
> <p:with-param name="file" select="$fileOption"/>

I don't understand your example. The content of p:inline isn't
well formed, so I don't think the pipeline will even load.

> In general, what is the recommended practice currently when the
> primary input is not XML? I think I was playing hooky the day that was
> discussed.

Use p:data or pass it on the command line with -d-data-input:

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Received on Tuesday, 2 September 2014 17:09:29 UTC