Re: xinclude 1.1 in Calabash

Ok, returning to this and testing with Calabash 1.0.16 and the xinclude
1.1 test suite:

When I use the following simple pipeline:

<p:pipeline xmlns:p="" version="1.0">
  <p:xinclude fixup-xml-base="true" name="xincluding"/>

And process the Attribute copying 1, I get the following result which
does not copy eg:root="one" and eg:root="two" into the result document
(see example output below).

I assume there's some switch I need to throw to get Calabash to use
xinclude 1.1 but have no idea what it is. Can anybody help me? I'd
really like to take advantage of this feature to avoid repeated ids when
content is xincluded more than once into the same doc.


dcramer@anatine ~/Desktop/xinclude-11-test
$ calabash -i
<document xmlns:xi=""
<p>This example includes a “definition” paragraph from some document
twice using attribute copying.</p>

<para xml:id="def"

<para xml:id="def"


On 12/16/2013 04:35 PM, David Cramer wrote:
> Using Calabash 1.0.13, when I add a namespace qualified attribute to the
> xi:include element, I'm not seeing it copied into the top-level
> xincluded element. Is there something else to do to enable this
> functionality?
> Thanks,
> David

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