Re: The first five minutes ... a thought experiment (long)

On 20 févr. 2014, at 13:07, Alex Milowski <> wrote:

> Using XPath for ports is fraught with issues.  How do you do the
> static analysis to figure out what is connected to what?

See my proposal in the thread “an idea: ports == options”.

On 20 févr. 2014, at 12:10, Alex Milowski <> wrote:

> The requirement, as stated is:
> “(…)"
> It isn't saying "item()*" because those things do not currently have
> representations in the XDM.  While we could extend the XDM to handle
> these items, I think that would be difficult to justify and certainly
> a large task to get right.

The req isn’t saying either that XDM is not an option. I think XDM should be carefully considered.

Saying that data flowing through a pipeline is xs:hexBinary or xs:base64Binary does not mean that the data *MUST* be serialized until it’s explicitly asked (as a string or document node). Implementations could very well use a stream handle underneath.

Another option is the “resource manager” approach, where you could represent non-XML content by reference (URI). Again, this can be compatible with an XDM approach.

I don’t really buy the “then use XQuery” argument.


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