Re: an idea: ports == options

> What about step outputs?

Very good question :)

In one way or another, if XProc starts accepting any XDM on a step’s inputs, there will need to be clearly defined type coercion rules. In that case, adding any-XDM outputs to the mix would make sense, as far as I can see.


On 19 févr. 2014, at 18:12, Henry S. Thompson <> wrote:

> Romain Deltour writes:
>>> So, source on steps has an arbitrary XPath as value?  What about _its_
>>> value?  Is it restricted to documents?  If not, is it restricted at
>>> all?
>> The idea would be to allow arbitrary XPath ('item()*'), yes. Some
>> type coercion would be needed at some places, e.g. to serialize an
>> XPath or when an actual document node is expected.
> What about step outputs?
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