PipX, a portable library of XProc pipelines and steps


  As promised to some of you in Prague last weekend, I have eventually
created a GitHub repository for PipX, in order to ease collaboration
on the library.  PipX is aimed at being a general purpose library for
XProc.  It is different from EXProc, because it does not define any
extension.  The goal is to gather existing XProc steps, written in
standard XProc, and build a standard library for all those tools you
found yourself writing and again and again.

  For now, there is no step yet, so this is really a call for
collaboration, rather than announcing a read-to-use library.  If you
have interesting, generic enough steps somewhere in your codebase,
feel free to share them!  For more information:



Florent Georges

Received on Monday, 17 February 2014 14:46:03 UTC