Re: Process non-xml files from a zip into another zip

Hi Erik,
The pxp:unzip extension step can extract the JPEGs base64-encoded in a
c:data element, but don't think there is any standardised way to save
the contents. Something like p:unescape-markup would be nice to follow
up with but non-XML content is implementation-defined and I don't know
what Calabash will do.
You should be able to list the zip file's contents with the step, pick
the JPEGs you want, and then run a p:exec with your favourite zip
extractor, however. Calabash now has a cx:wait-for-update step (thanks
Norm!) that allows you to pause the pipeline in the meantime.
Then list the contents of the folder, generate a zip manifest with some
XSLT and use that as input to a pxp:zip extension step.

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>>> "Erik Siegel" <> 29/10/2013 13:59 >>>

Hi all,
I have a problem where I need to process data in a zip file. Fine as
long as its XML.
However, i also need to extract non-xml files from the source zip (e.g.
jpg files) and add them to the destination zip file. I'm trying to
figure out if I can do this using Calabash only. Anyone that can help me
out on this?
Erik Siegel

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