Question about pxp:zip



I'm lost on how to use Calabash pxp:zip... can't figure out how to do this... I hope anybody can help me


I need to store several pieces of XML produced by (sub)pipelines. So according to the documentation in  <> I need to supply these as a sequence on the source port of the pxp:zip step and use a zip-manifest that refers to the base-uri's of these documents and tells pxp:zip where to put them in the zip file.


But.. all my documents are produced by my XProc script and (as far as I can see) all have the same base-uri. How can I ever distinguish between them?


The only solution I can think of is storing them first to disk and then read them back in. Which does not sound like good solution to me.


Hope anybody can help,

Erik Siegel





Received on Tuesday, 8 October 2013 13:14:52 UTC