RE: embedded pipelines

Hi Paul,

Could you give a small example?

It does sound like related to p:document-template and p:template, but not
sure if those extensions from XMLCalabash are still working, and supported..


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> Van: Paul Tyson []
> Verzonden: zaterdag 9 november 2013 4:32
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> Onderwerp: embedded pipelines
> I don't know if this is in the Xproc standard (some parts are still a
> mystery to me), or if it has been implemented anywhere, but I wanted to
> put it out for comment.
> It would sometimes be convenient to embed pipeline steps in a
> (non-xproc) XML document, and then perform an xproc step on the
> document
> with the effect of replacing all the embedded pipelines with their
> results. The input document would serve as a template, with replaceable
> content specified by the pipeline steps.
> This would work like p:replace, except that the invocation would not
> specify what parts of the input document to work on or what to do with
> them: the "match" expression would be fixed to select all pipeline steps
> in the input, and the "replacement" document would be the result of
> evaluating each pipeline. The outer pipeline author and the template
> authors would have to arrange for the embedded steps and all resources
> to be known and available in the processing context.
> For example, well-formed xhtml or xsl-fo documents could contain
> pipeline steps that would expand to the intended content based on
> parameter inputs. This approach would lend itself to easier analysis,
> documentation, and maintenance than other popular templating
> mechanisms.
> This is a similar concept to the "simplified" XSLT templates, by which
> any XML document can be treated as an XSLT stylesheet, with restrictions
> on the xslt features that can be included.
> If others think this might be useful, consider adding it to the
> requirements for Xproc v2.
> Regards,
> --Paul

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