Re: conditionally do something depending on whether there’s a document on the input port

Ok, I used p:for-each then:

     <p:for-each name="conditionally-patch-html">
         <p:pipe port="html-in" step="validate-with-schematron2"/>


On 21.02.2013 23:53, Imsieke, Gerrit, le-tex wrote:
> I’ve developed a step that validates with Schematron and inserts the
> validation messages into an HTML rendering of the validated document
> (the document and the HTML rendering are passed to the step on
> individual input ports). The step also takes as input the accrued
> reports of other upstream Schematron validations and renders them, too.
> Because this operation is costly for large documents and when there are
> many messages to patch into the document, I’d like to avoid this
> patching procedure until the very last Schematron validation.
> So I though that if I send a <p:empty/> to the HTML input port for all
> but the last invocations of my custom Schematron/patch step, I may be
> able to conditionally avoid the costly operation:
>      <p:choose name="conditionally-patch-html">
>        <p:xpath-context>
>          <p:pipe port="html-in" step="validate-with-schematron2"/>
>        </p:xpath-context>
>        <p:when test="not(node())">
> ⇒
> converter/xpl/validate-with-schematron.xpl:157:34:err:XD0026:Expression
> refers to context when none is available: boolean(not(node()))
> Feb 21, 2013 11:28:18 PM com.xmlcalabash.drivers.Main error
> SEVERE: It is a dynamic error if the select expression makes reference
> to the context node, size, or position when the context item is undefined.
> How can I test whether there’s no document on an input port?
> Gerrit

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