Re: New step: wait for input

very nice,

reminds me of evolution of tasks in Ant … someone would impl one
variety of a task then we would get

wait-for-input, wait-for-some-condition, wait-for-*

all with different signatures, inputs, outputs, etc…

I wonder if we could consider an alternate route … more like
cx:depends-on attribute eg. cx:wait-on and use the power of xpath to
be our language for defining condition to wait for ? Its a half baked
idea but architecturally I like it better then having yet another


On 6 August 2013 16:04, Norman Walsh <> wrote:
> James Fuller <> writes:
>> how far would we go, eg. should we consider a compound step as in the
>> example below ?
> I didn't think of it as a compound step, my first idea was this:
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