Re: New step: wait for input

On 5 August 2013 18:38, Norman Walsh <> wrote:
> Ari's Balisage symposium talk highlights the need for a step that will wait
> for user input. I wonder if
>   <p:wait-for-update href="someURI"/>

and at xprocathon did we not have someone ask for a wait-for-input ?

how far would we go, eg. should we consider a compound step as in the
example below ?

  <p:option name="check-every"/>
  <p:option name="timeout"/>
  <p:when test="">
   <! sub pipeline //>
   <! sub pipeline //>

this would generalize the step but unsure how we would handle
detecting state change.


> would do the trick. The proposed semantics are that it waits until someURI has
> changed. For file: URIs, this is obvious, but I think it could be made to work
> for HTTP URIs as well, at least those where the server returns a last-modified
> or etag header.
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