Re: Matching element pairs from two documents - variable value type problem

Am 08.06.2012 18:03, schrieb Romain Deltour:
> There are several way to do this.

Romain, thank you very much for your valuable hints! You have shown me what I consider quite cute XProc tricks that did not emerge from the XProc material I could gain access to so far.

As far as my original question is concerned, I am thinking about avoiding to deal with two documents at the XProc level for the task at hand.

Instead, I will probably modify the order of some operations within my pipeline steps. This will allow me to obtain my second document no longer as the result of a step (which is working on the contents of the original file) but through simply loading the file using document() within p:xslt. 

Anyway, thanks again for your instant help.


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