Re: vCard output from XProc?

On Aug 20, 2012, at 12:16 PM, Florent Georges <> wrote:
> Your stylesheet is probably returning text, not XML.  

Correct.  VCards are text.  

(MIME type is text/vcard for version 3, which I’m using.)

> The usual
> workaround is simply to represent text as... an XML element containing
> the text (see e.g. usage of c:data and c:result in the spec).  If you
> can't (or don't want to) modify your original stylesheet, you can
> always have an inline stylesheet importing the original one and
> overriding the main template to wrap the result into a c:data element.

Thanks for sharing the workaround. ☺  

Unfortunately…it isn’t an option for me.  ☹ 

The entire purpose is to produce non-XML output for other programs to use.  And those programs accept VCards—not an XML wrapper containing VCards.  

If I went this route, then I would need to figure out another workaround for this workaround. :P

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