[ANN] depx - package management for xml tech

Its early days, but I thought best to throw this into the wild ...
depx is a package manager that I made for selfish personal reasons,
its got a lot of rough edges and may not do what most ppl expect of a
package manager, but open to any suggestions.

We need a central place to upload the interesting (and emerging) xproc
scripts and this could be it ... pls do contact me if anyone would
like to add their xproc scripts.

What is depx ?

    Its a package manager that uses github as repository to distribute
packages ... its designed as 'dependency management via convention'
versus black magic.

What you can do with depx:

    browse http://depx.org to discover packages

    download depx client to install/remove packages to your applications

    add a package to the repo by forking
https://github.com/xquery/depx ... more information

Please feel free to criticise, comment, and make suggestions here

Jim Fuller

Received on Friday, 13 April 2012 09:55:18 UTC