ANN: EMC Documentum XProc Service

For EMC Documentum users on this list:

We are pleased to announce the availability of EMC Documentum XProc Service, an add-on to EMC Documentum 6.7 that makes it possible to use XProc to process XML content in Documentum.

The package is available for download from the EMC Developer Network (EDN) XML Technologies website:

The features of EMC Documentum XProc Service include:
* Excellent support of the XProc standard
The service uses EMC Documentum XProc Engine (Calumet), an XProc processor implementation with a high level of compliance to the XProc W3C standard.
* An alternative XML processing model in Documentum
The XProc Service functionality is completely independent from XML Application, the traditional XML processing model in Documentum. The XProc Service provides an alternative, open, and extensible model that can be used for building complex XML processing logic as well as for simple ad hoc XML processing.

* Tight integration with Documentum XML Store
Documentum XProc Service makes direct use of the XML processing and query capabilities of EMC Documentum xDB, the high-performance native XML database powering the XML Store.

* DFS-style programming model
Documentum XProc Service is built on top of the Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) infrastructure, using a programming model familiar to DFS application developers.

Vojtech Toman
Consultant Software Engineer
EMC | Information Intelligence Group

Received on Tuesday, 3 May 2011 07:46:11 UTC