Re: multiple source documents and xslt/xproc integration

Yes, this points to a fundamental limitation of XProc - that parameters 
(and variables, and options) can only be strings - whereas the "big 
tools" of XML processing (XSLT 2.0, XQuery) support XDM values!

If I understand the sitaution correctly, the "default collection 
feature" is the only secure and standard-based approach how XQuery or 
XSLT (used within XProc) may process more than one input document. It is 
a very basic usecase, isn't it? (Just think of config files...) And 
being forced to use the default collection almost always means that 
queries and stylesheets must be adapted in order to be used in a pipeline...

What are the plans of the Working Group? Will this limitation be retained?

-- Hans-Juergen

Am 17.03.2011 11:00, schrieb Alex Muir:
> Hi,
> I was just thinking that it would be nice to have xslt be able to work 
> with more than one source document from xproc such that the when 
> accessing a second source with xslt doc() function it could point to a 
> source in memory specified by xproc or perhaps better via a parameter 
> one could access the second source.
> That's not possible correct,, such that currently the best one can do 
> is have the XSLT file accept the primary source via memory and a 
> second source from disk via doc()?
> I note the spec says "If a sequence of documents is provided on the 
> source port, the first document is used as the primary input 
> document." and that there is only a secondary port for output.
> " |<p:output| |port||="||result||"| |primary||="||true||"||/>|
> |<p:output| |port||="||secondary||"| |sequence||="||true||"||/>
> "
> |
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> Alex
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