Multi-lingual users?


Sorry this is off-topic…but it’s for science! ☺   

(You want to help science, don't you?)

I’m working on a research project for the iSchool at the University of Maryland.

We’re looking for users on Twitter who:

know more than one (1) language
tweet in more than one (1) language
you are the original author of the tweets in the extra language(s)

We’re not looking for:
We’re not interested if 100% of your “second language” tweets are auto-generated, or retweets/quotes/names in a language you don’t understand.  
For example, I don’t speak French, so if I posted a tweet about Les Miserables, that doesn’t count.  ☺  
It’s okay to have some of these things, as long as you have legitimate second language.

If you’d like to help, please reply to this e-mail with the name of your Twitter account!  (Try not to hit “Reply All”, though ☺)

Thanks, and sorry for the interruption…Carry on!


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