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I ran across the same issue as soon as I started using resolve-uri to make the path to the output file absolute. That gave me the idea that the problem might be that cx:zip href attribute isn't expecting a uri to be passed in.. Stripping off 'file:/+' and replacing '%20' by space did the trick for me.. Not fail save, but good enough to get going..

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To partially answer my own question, the failure only happens when the value passed in as the epub-file option is a bare filename.  Any path (even a relative one) works.
Anyone know why?


On 7 Jul 2011, at 17:15, Nic Gibson wrote:

> Hi all
> I'm fairly certain I've done something obviously stupid that I'm overlooking here so feel free to poke me and tell me...
> I'm experimenting with the cx:zip step to create epub files.  As a simple first step, I'm trying to create an epub file with just the stored mimetype file and nothing else. I've got the following xproc (ng-library.xpl is just a subset of Norm's library-1.0.xpl):

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